The “Republic of Nalban” is proposed as a new lakeside attraction project for the city of Calcutta. It will create an absurdly amusing fantasy environment for all ages to enjoy. The new attraction will house yearly festivals, book fairs, concerts and art exhibitions for which Calcutta is so well known. This retail, entertainment and resort environment will be established along the lake`s banks near Nicco Park.

Around 12 million people reside in Calcutta today making it one of the densest cities on earth.  This busy city leaves little for people to do in their spare time than to dream of faraway places and exotic land that most of them will never afford to see. Until now, the dreams of Polynesia, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean have only come alive through picture.   yet, at the  “ Republic of Nalban, “ visitors can wander in the charming and eclectic villages recalling these paradise regions of earth, partaking in exotic foods, and going for rides on the different pleasure craft which dot the surface of the lakes.

The project envisioned is environmentally sound.  By the end of its construction, the water qualities will have greatly improved through deepening and better water flow.  Lush landscape, typical of this part of India will rapidly take over under the gifted green fingers of our gardeners and landscape architects.

The project will also supply employment. It will act a new taxing source for the region and will provide another destination anchor to the growing attraction park on its northern boundary.


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